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Smart Assistant to Help Leaders Improve their Team Productivity

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Minimizing leadership stress

Minimizing leadership stress

Automates Task Follow-Up and Boosts Leader Productivity With Nooxy.

Maximizing Team Efficiency

Maximizing Team Efficiency

Streamlined workflows, smart automation, and insightful analytics for superior productivity and collaboration.

Elevating Decision-Making

Elevating Decision-Making

Leaders can make informed decisions based on data-driven analytics, improving overall team efficiency and project outcomes.

Enhancing team collaboration

Enhancing team collaboration

Clear and timely communication facilitated by Nooxy keeps everyone aligned and informed.

Navigating Team Conflicts

Navigating Team Conflicts

Navigate and resolve team conflicts with AI-driven insights, fostering communication, understanding, and collaborative problem-solving for team-harmony.

Reporting team performance

Reporting team performance

Real-time analytics, objective insights, and actionable feedback for continuous improvement.

Nooxy Communicates like a Savvy Team Assistant

Nooxy as your smart savvy work assistant helps to manage and coordinate the work of your teams by by providing task follow-up, direction, coaching, and feedback. It is also responsible for handling any issues that arise in your teams.

Nooxy provides intelligent analytics directly for team leaders or managers who oversee multiple teams. It provides assistance, and guidance and to leaders and their teams.

Main Modules

Inoox has three main modules: Work, People and Your Smart Work Assistant Nooxy

Nooxy monitors the activities of individuals and teams, ensuring they maintain engagement and performance levels. In instances of communication issues or inefficiencies in task management, Nooxy offers proactive insights and recommendations to mitigate risks and resolve issues.

Nooxy ensures that tasks are completed within the specified timeframe and meet quality standards. It tracks tasks, offers clarification, and provides proactive insights to team leaders.

Effective task management and fostering teamwork rely on robust communication. Nooxy monitors work-related issues and team interactions, providing insights and recommendations to address any issues.


Inoox Integrates seamlessly with all of your project management platforms.

Select your platform

Inoox integrates with your project management platforms like Trello and ClickUp.

Connecting Inoox

Inoox platform connects to your boards and projects.

Start adding your projects

Projects synchronize automatically and Nooxy quickly begins to process, organize and manage them.

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While task management platforms primarily concentrate on tasks, assignments, reminders, reports, and various processes for recording and handling tasks by different users or teams, Inoox takes a different approach. Inoox allows users to record and manage tasks to some extent, but its primary focus lies in leveraging the power of our smart assistant Nooxy to help teams handle tasks more efficiently. Nooxy saves time, reduces leadership stress and boosts team productivity by taking on much of the managerial tasks and creating a simple way to manage everything.

Nooxy automates many task-handling processes intelligently, in addition to providing team leadership assistance. These processes include follow-ups, risk and issue identification, escalations, recommendations, and more.

Furthermore, users have the flexibility to integrate other task management platforms into Inoox, enabling them to enjoy the benefits of both platforms seamlessly.

Personal assistants primarily focus on individual tasks, reminders, and similar functions. When it comes to teams, personal assistants also provide features such as scheduling and reminders.

On the other hand, Nooxy specializes in team leadership and management. It monitors and analyzes information from tasks, communication, and related team members to assist them with recommendations, follow-ups, analytical reports, and more.

In contrast, Inoox offers control and monitoring dashboards, allowing users to have a holistic view of their tasks, team members, and communications, complete with status reporting by Nooxy.

Team communication assistants, also known as team productivity assistants by some companies, can be integrated into various communication platforms, including video conferencing or messaging platforms. They offer features such as meeting transcription, assigning meeting minutes and reminders, providing summary reports on meetings, generating meeting minutes, offering statistical reports on team communication, and similar functionalities. Some platforms also provide basic task management capabilities like to-do lists.

Inoox takes a different and more holistic approach to team management, incorporating tasks, communication, and team members into its analysis and functionalities. For example, when analyzing communication, its goal is to identify any issues related to tasks and the individuals involved.

On the other hand, Nooxy identifies problems and risks across all these areas and offers solutions or escalates the issue to higher-level leads when needed.

Utilize the control and monitoring dashboards provided by Inoox and rely on Nooxy to manage your tasks and team. Whenever a problem or issue arises that requires team attention, Nooxy will notify the relevant members. If the issue persists, it will escalate to the team lead.

Through the dashboards, you can also track and manage issues. Nooxy ensures that your teammates are not left alone with problems by providing them with insights and recommendations to handle the situation.

Personal assistants primarily focus on individual tasks, reminders, managing mobile commands, and similar functions. When it comes to teams, personal assistants also provide scheduling, reminders within the team, and other features typically available for personal use.

In contrast, Nooxy focuses on team leadership and management. It observes and analyzes information from tasks, communication, and related team members to assist them with recommendations, follow-ups, analytical reports, and more.

Nooxy also provides users with comprehensive control and monitoring dashboards. These dashboards allow users to oversee their tasks, team members, and communication channels across multiple integrated platforms like Clickup and Trello.