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People Module

People Module

When it comes to getting things done, it’s all about organizing people, building teams, and managing their dynamics. Nooxy, our smart virtual assistant for managers, handles this task effortlessly, but it needs the right platform to work its magic. That’s where INOOX comes in – it’s the solid foundation that supports Nooxy’s mission.

INOOX sets up the formal relationships between people and teams based on the work structure. In the work module, teams can easily define these relationships. But here’s the twist: INOOX offers another way to manage people through the people module. In this module, team leads or managers can invite, dismiss, view, and manage their team members, along with overseeing the tasks they’re handling.

And guess what? Nooxy is right there too! It provides insights about people, prompts actions for any issues, offers analytical reports, and even highlights high-performing team members for recognition and further action, like giving compliments.

Nooxy: Making Team Management a Piece of Cake

Nooxy, serving as an assistant to managers, is designed to help organize and manage teams. This function is vital in ensuring that team dynamics are handled effectively, contributing to the overall success of the team.

Gain a Bird-Eye View over Your Team & their tasks

The work module within Inoox serves as the hub for managing team relationships and dynamics. It's like the central meeting spot where teams and managers gather to coordinate their staff. Here, they can easily oversee their team's activities, ensuring everything runs smoothly and fits well with their overall work.

Inoox is the Foundation

Inoox provides the necessary platform for Nooxy to perform its role. It acts as the foundation that supports the various functionalities required for team management and organization.

Smart Team Management

In this module, team leads and managers can invite, dismiss, view, and manage their team members. Additionally, they can oversee the tasks that their team members are handling, their performance and nooxy assists leaders spot what needs to be done.

Effective Team Management with Nooxy

Nooxy aids in creating a more cohesive and well-managed team. It supports managers in making informed decisions about their team members and their roles within the organization.

Clarity on Team Relationships

Within the Inoox platform, there is a function to define formal relationships between team members. This is based on the existing work structure, allowing for a clear understanding of team dynamics and hierarchies.

Nooxy Turbocharges Team Management

Nooxy is actively involved in the people module, providing insights related to team members, suggesting actions for people-related issues, and delivering analytical reports. It also identifies high-performing individuals, enabling managers to recognize and commend their contributions.