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AI Team Assistants

How AI Team Assistants are transforming Leaders in digital Workspaces

This article describes how the advent of AI team assistants is transforming leaders and how they work in online workspaces. The modern workspaces are relatively new and face unique challenges for leaders such as coordinating teamwork across the globe, monitoring team productivity, and keeping a tab on members’ activities. AI team assistants can take on these repetitive and tedious tasks, which results in more time being made available for leaders to focus on team-building, strategy, innovation, and expansion. With the help of AI team assistants, digital workspaces no longer have to feel like things are out of control as these assistants provide regular follow-ups, analytics, and actionable recommendations to fix any issue that comes up. They have the potential to radically alter the role of a leader from controlling their team to supporting and building their team

The Modern digital workspaces are inherently stressful for leader

stress for leaders

Leaders today are struggling to keep up with the demanding task of monitoring performance and checking in with their team members who are spread across the world. According to a survey study by Buffer, 20% of remote workers suffer from loneliness, while 18% find it challenging to unplug after work. These emotional issues could have a trickle-down effect on team members as leaders may struggle to keep up with motivating their teams and supporting them. AI team assistants can especially help with the workload when a leader is managing multiple teams. Modern online workspaces do not have to become so complex that managing them becomes an impossibility. As an organization expands, leaders need to invest in intelligent assistants to help them organize their tasks and keep a monitoring eye on them. They can sit back and feel a sense of control over their team with a quick view of their analytics dashboard.

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The modern digital workspaces have become very difficult to handle. A survey conducted by Gallup studied the problems American managers are experiencing and concludes that managers are not able to focus on their strengths as most of their time is dedicated to meeting the needs of others (Source). This leads to burnouts and a negative impact on their well-being and ability to lead a team and improve performance.

The Age of AI team assistants in the digital workspaces

AI Assistant

AI team assistants are designed to meet these urgent needs which are affecting the well-being and performance of leaders and their teams. For example, the AI team assistant of Inoox called Nooxy is designed to take over the tedious and repetitive managerial tasks such as monitoring performance, sending follow-ups, and organizing the digital workspaces so that nothing slips away from a leader’s attention. Leaders no longer have to spend time assessing project risks as Nooxy continuously provides feedback on their team’s activity, performance, and summarizes potential risks.

Imagine task management being as simple as your mobile apps and with a simple click you can get the highlights and see what needs to be done. Imagine elegant digital workspaces that are not crowded with information; that only show you what you need to see. Personally, my experience with most task management platforms is that I quickly experience information overload and option anxiety. We made Nooxy to be an efficient way for leaders by eliminating information overload.

I think the advent of AI team assistants resembles the evolution of old mobile devices to our current smart devices. In the past, we had to deal with the complexity of old phone software that was slow, tedious, and overwhelming. Now they are efficient, simple, and perform the function you desire with a click of a button. AI team assistants are creating similar transformations in digital workspaces by giving leaders a simple and efficient way to manage.

AI-powered digital workspaces make everyone more intelligent

AI team assistants analyze vast amounts of data to provide managers with actionable insights. For example, our assistant Nooxy identifies performance trends and recommends ways to optimize your team’s performance. Nooxy gives you the right information at the right time as it is built with an intelligent priority system. The future of leadership is coming where leaders have all the time they need to focus on team-building, innovation, and creativity. Leaders’ best talent is to lead, and with the advent of these intelligent assistants, leaders can lead, support, and inspire their teams.

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AI-powered digital workspaces can far exceed the function of chatbots. Most AI team assistants offered by companies like Asana and ClickUp function like a chatbot: you ask for a document or a report, and they generate it for you. However, Nooxy is one of the first generations of AI assistants that are proactive in the entire digital workspace by checking in with team members with follow-ups and highlighting what they need to do

Inoox’s AI team assistant Nooxy proactively communicates with members and leaders on current issues with their tasks. You also have the option to ask Nooxy for reports and analytics, similar to the features offered by Asana and ClickUp. However, what is so exciting about the future generations of digital workspaces is that they can provide data-driven predictions based on past performance. This gives leaders the information they require to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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